Birds Insects and Sound Machines

The last few weeks at Villa Walberta were very busy preparing and organising the final ‘event’ of our residency… namely – an event called Birds, Insects and Sound Machines, to be held at the Cultural Einstein arts venue in Munich, hosted by, and part of the programme Signalraum curated by Horst Konietzny. Here is a short video, followed by the information presented at the concert…


SIGNALRAUM presents Kathy Hinde (UK), Matthew Olden (UK), Christoph Reiserer (DE), Robert Kessler (DE), Tom Sora (RO) and Helmut Wolfenstetter (DE)

Birdsong, piano, clarinet, virtual insects, music boxes, typewriters and kinetic sculpture… Shifting between nature, synthesized nature, translations, responses, transcriptions… 

Following their residency at Villa Waldberta by Lake Starnberg, Kathy and Matthew present an audio-visual evening featuring installations, live performances with new collaborations as a result of meeting some very talented local artists, musicians and composers.

Inspired by the surrounding natural environment, Kathy Hinde will show a new version of ‘Piano Migrations’. Videos of birds twitch and flutter on the strings of a grand piano accompanied by bird-related collaborations with a particularly special ‘virtual’ guest from the local area.

Matthew Olden presents his installation ‘Brian Forest’, made up from little insects that chirp, call and cry. They mimic each other, but also want to be different. He also performs and collaborates live using his own software “i am the mighty jungulator”.

Artist Robert Kessler exhibits his kinetic sculpture “Vision of Sound”, which responds live to sound. The sculpture’s small light ‘dances to sound’ and makes drawings in the air from light. The “Vision of Sound” sculpture will “dance” to Matthew’s Brain Forest insects.

Composer and Sound Artist Christoph Reiserer will present his new work “Writing Machine”,  a sensor-controlled typewriter that responds to acoustic stimuli. De-code the musical messages from Christoph’s Clarinet. Christoph also joins with live improvisations around birdsong and music boxes.

Composer and music theorist Tom Sora performs a selection of his intricate works for solo music box. All his scores are hand-punched and are visually fascinating aswell as sonically arresting.

Helmut Wolfenstetter is our particularly Bavarian special surprise guest, who, on this occasion will appear virtually… be amazed at his talents…

flyer for the event, and urls of all taking part



About Kathy Hinde

Interested in interdisciplinary artworks. Currently working with video, sound and live performance and usually in collaboration with other artists.
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